About Metal.graphics web

Words from the website creator and owner:

I am glad that you are interested in this page. Let me tell you a few words about this project.
All downloads on this website are made and being made by only one person, me. Expect the same style and quality for most of the graphics.

Why metal textures? 2 in 1, business plus passion. Since metal textures are one of the most popular graphics I decided to make one place for all common textures and backgorunds, from silver color and polished to dark and rusty ones. Also, since there will bea lot of similar variations (gold, silver, black etc.) the whole project will take a reasonable ammount of time.
What is the goal? 1000 items divided into several categories.

It all started in in late December of 2015. I bought an extra 2TB HDD and the rest is history.